Two Rooms At The End Of The World

Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin
Available on the album 21 At 33
Dm                                       C/E  
Through a mutual agreement, we got that aching feeling
F                          G                        Am  
To look up one another one more time
Tracking down the zip codes
Sealing down those envelopes
F                          G                                 Am    
Lack of communication on the telephone line

But don't judge us by distance
Or the difference between us
F                    G                      Am
Try to look at it with an open mind
Dm                                         C/E
For where there is one room, you'll always find another
F                           G              F/C  C  F/C   F/C  C  F/C
Two rooms at the end of the world

Well we've both ridden the wagon bit the tail off the dragon
Borne our swords like steel knights on the highway
Washing down the dirt roads
Hosing off our dirty clothes
Coming to terms with the times that we couldn't but we tried

Door to door they would whisper, will they ever get together
Their rooms are different temperatures I'm told
There's a change in their thinking
And their habits seem uneven
But together the two of them were mining gold

1980 Big Pig Music Limited