Where's the Shoorah?

Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin
Available on the Album Blue Moves


Eb - G7 - Ab - Cm6 - Eb - Ebm - Bb - Bb7

    Eb                                    Ab
She grows, she's grown like pampas
Tall in the wind
                         Bb       Fm7
She's sinful and spiteful
Bb7       Eb    Eb7             Ab
She's all girl, woman and mother
She's had my children
Bb  Bb7           Eb    Ab  Bb11
And she's been my lover

No no no no no no she don't like to fight it
Once you've been bitten
You get excited
My mama she really likes her
She comes for coffee
Bb  Bb7     Eb      Ab  F7
And my mama asked me

Bb  Ab              Bb     Eb   Ab  F7
So where's the shoorah she sang
Bb         Ab      Bb       Eb     G7
You know I hear it again my friend
C7                                           Fm
Where's the shoorah she came upon it
Ab                          G
Waiting to sing her back
            G7              Ab
`Cause she likes to sing about
Where's the shoorah she sang
Over and over and over
                       Ebm  Bb Bb11 Eb
Where's the shoorah she sang

G - G7 - Ab - Cm6 - Eb - Ebm - Bb7 - Eb