Breaking Hearts (Ain't What It Used To Be)

Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin
Available on the album Breaking Hearts  
F#                                           F#/Eb
They used to say that boys are tough as nails
                F                                               Bbm  Ab
In every way he keeps his heart as guarded as a jail
                           Ebm                    F/Eb
Now things have changed, I feel so old
       Bb/D  Eb                        Ab                      Db
Like any   girl could drag my heart across the coals

I was always there in the thick of things
I always had the heart of every woman on a string
The danger zone shone from my eyes
It seemed like every inch I gained became a mile


G/A A         D                               D+
It's  not the night reaching in and touching me
                   G                                          Gm
It's just that breaking hearts ain't what it used to be
                    D                                     B7
It seems that time has killed that cruel streak in me
       G/E                                      G/A       A  G/A  A   
And breaking hearts ain't what it used to be

It's not the light shining in and catching me
It's just that breaking hearts ain't what it used to be
But time has come and cast a spell on me   [SECOND TIME  GO TO THE BOTTOM SECTION]
       G/E                                       G/A  A  D
And breaking hearts ain't what it used to be

And now I know what lonely means
I used to give so little and gain everything
The darkest part of every day
Is the shadow of another girl as she turns and walks away

Can't say I blame them all for being hurt
After all I treated each and every one like dirt
Who wants a heart that's never home
I face the facts and lock myself into a life alone

       G/E                    F#7                    Bm F#7
And breaking hearts, breaking hearts
Bm                      E                        G/E
Breaking hearts, breaking hearts
                    G/A  A  D
Ain't what it used to be