Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin
Available on the Album Empty Sky

G Am C D G Am C D

The seadogs have all sailed their ships
F           C\E        G
Into the docks of dawn
               D\F#              Em
While the sirens sit and comb their hair
       C                          G
And twiddle with their thumbs
     Eb                     Bb
Oh Thor above the mountain
         Eb\Bb                 F\A
Look down upon your children
F                 Eb
This is their heaven where they're told
                      Dm          G
To bring their galleons

G                           G\B
Seek you find your place with me
Men of iron, men of steel
Only the brave hear the hammers ring
          Eb                                                        Dsus4  D
In the courts of the Queens, in the halls of the Kings

             G          Am      G\B C                     D
You can come to Val-hala in your own time
G        Am G\B C                               D   G
Come to Val-hala seek and you will find Val-hala

Am     Am\B     C    D

G       Am G\B      C                   D
Come to Val-hala in your own time
G       Am G\B               C                D     G
Come to Val-hala seek and you will find Val-hala
Am   G\B   C   D

There's long boats in the harbour
             F              C\E    G
Which arrive there every hour
              D\F#           Em
With the souls of the heroes
           C                        G
Whose blood lies on the flowers

             Eb                  Bb
And this heaven is the home
              Eb\Bb                    F\A
Of every man who loves his sword
            F              Eb
And he uses it for freedom
     Eb                           Dm     G
To preach the word of Thor