Too Young

Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin
Available on the Album Ice on Fire

                         D                       G/D
Your mother's eyes look straight through me
                      D     G
Whenever we meet
                  D                         G/D
Your father swears it'll never be
                      D       D7/C
As long as he breaths

                            Bm               G
And how many times have they told you
That you're too young
A7                                 Bm       A  G
How, how I've ached to hold you
                       Asus4  A7
But you're too young

If we don't buy what's right or wrong
Then we are sinners
We were never two to tag along
But we were always winners

And how many people, have told you
That you're too young
And how many jealous hands would love to hold you
`Cause you're too young

                                      D       F#+
Well you're too young to love me
                              Bm            D7/A
And I'm too old for you
At least that's what they tell us
                                 A    Asus4
It's in their book of rules
                   A7                                               D         F#+
That you're too young, too young baby you're too young
                                Bm    D7/A
We could try it for a while
But they'd get us in the long run
                               A7                                      D
They say that you're too young, baby you're too young