All Quiet On The Western Front

Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin
Available on the album Jump Up

C    F/C    G/C    F/C    C    F/C    G/C    F/C    C
      C/E             F                      G   F/G  C     F/C   G/C  
All quiet on the Western Front, nobody saw
C               C/E          F                  G         F/G      C          
A youth asleep in the foreign soil, planted by the war
F/C       G/C        C         F/C          G/C  C
Feel the pulse of human blood pouring forth
F/C       G/C       C          F/C        G/C  C            C7
See the stems of Europe bend under   force

F   G/F
All quiet
All  quiet
     C/G             F/G G     C           
All quiet on the Western Front

F/C  G/C  C  F/C   F  G   C

So tired of this garden's grief, nobody cares
Old kin kiss the small white cross, their only souvenir
See the Prussian offense fly, weren't we grand
To place the feel of cold sharp steel in their hands

It's gone all quiet on the Western Front, male angels sigh
Ghosts float in a flooded trench as Germany dies
Fever reaps the flowers of France, fair-haired boys
String the harps to Victory's voice, joyous noise