Elton John/Bernie Taupin
C  C/Bb  F/A  Fm/Ab  C/G  Em/G  Dm/G
C             G/B        Am    C/G
Man stands in all his glory
               F                 Em/G Dm/G C      F/C  G/D
Sitting at the crossroads of the same old  story
C                G/B                 Am     C/G
Man got his make-up, wears it like a mask
        F             Em/G  Dm/G     C
Hides inside a child, lives inside a glass
C/E G            A7  A7/C#  Dm  C/D  Dm7  
Man breathes his own deceit
C/D G            Em/G Dm/G  C   F   G
Man worships his own  defeat
         C                   Dm
Oh I'm a man, I know what it feels like
Dm7   C                   Em/G   Dm/B    C
I'm a man, working on the living part of life
G/B     Am          Fm           C/G
You see through me, I understand
    F     D7/F# G    E7/G# E7/B  A 
But don't lose  hope if    you   can
       Dm C/E F     G
Have a little faith in man
Shakespeare's men got all the lines
Modern man lives back in time
Man got bravado in his big steel hands
Runs with the wolf, sleeps with the lamb
Man falls, cuts and bleeds
Man stumbles on his own belief (to chorus)
He's the hoax behind the thrill
The poison arrow, the bitter pill
        Gb                                  Db
Hard to swallow, hard to kill, hard to understand
He's the light behind the hill
The broken promise, the iron will
        D7                 G
Hard to kill, hard to understand (to chorus)
C  C/Bb  F/A  Fm/Ab  
C/G           Dm/G  G11 Cadd9
have a little faith in  man