Rotten Peaches

Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin
Available on the album Madman Across The Water

A                                                       Bm7            
We've moved on six miles from where we were yesterday
       A/C#                    Dm                            A/C#  Amb5/C
And yesterday is but a long long ways away
Bm7                  A/C#       D                 B
So we'll camp out tonight beneath the bright starlight
        A                                           G                  D            G/D D Dsus4
And forget rotten peaches and the places we've stayed

A                                   Bm7
I left from the dockland two years ago now
             A/C#                                Dm
Made my way over on the S.S. Marie
A/C#  Amb5/C   Bm7                             D             B        
And    I've         always had trouble wherever I've settled
A                            G            D
Rotten peaches are all that I see

G                      A                   D    
Rotten peaches rotting in the sun
G                                    A                               D    
Seems I've seen that devil fruit since the world begun
A                E/G#        Bm7             B7
Mercy I'm a criminal, Jesus I'm the one
            A          G                   D    
Rotten peaches rotting in the sun

There ain't no green grass in a U.S. state prison

There is no one to hold when you're sick for your wife

And each day out you'll pick, you'll pick rotten peaches

You'll pick rotten peaches for the rest of your life

Oh I've had me my fill of cocaine and pills

For I lie in the light of the Lord

And my home is ten thousand, ten thousand miles away

And I guess I won't see it no more

La la la la la la
la la la la la la
la la la la la la