I've been Loving You

Music and Words by Elton John
Bernie Taupin was credited for Lyrics
Available on the Album Rare Masters

Eb  Em  F  Bb F Bb F  Eb  Em  F

Bb                    Bb+
I didn't mean to hurt you
Eb                      F  Eb  Bb/D F/C
You know it's just my way
Bb                       Bb+
Those things that I said yesterday
Eb                           Eb  Bb/D
Were things I shouldn't say
Cm                   F
Although you're blue
         Bb        F/A          Gm 
Just one thing I want you to do
Just forget all those things
        Eb     Em   F
That I said about you

F      Bb/F Bb9/F  Eb/Bb
'Cause I've been loving you baby
Bb/A                               Eb Bb/D
Loving you baby for a long time
       Cm         Bb
And if you go away
  Ab                                   F
I just won't know what to do

F       Bb/F   Bb9/F    Eb/Bb
Yes I've been loving you baby
     Bb/A                     Eb
Loving you baby for a long time
Cm                             Bb
And you know in your heart
       Ab                         F
That I'll always worship you

               Eb        Em        F 
I couldn't bear to see you go
 Bb/F F Bb/F F Eb Em Em F
Oh                    no no no no
Bb                Bb+
So don't you feel sad
Eb                    F Eb Bb/D F/C
It's not the thing to do
Bb           Bb+
Because I worry
     Eb                              Eb  Bb/D
If I know you're feeling blue
Cm                    F
Please put your tears away
   Bb  F/A        Gm 
So nobody can see
`Cause the last thing I want
              Eb  Em          F Bb/F F
Is for you to cry over me