Let me be your Car
(this is basically how the song goes)

Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin
Available on the album Rare Masters
Transcribed by Marcel Gelinas (marcelg@hay.net)


Aminmaj7   F

Aminmaj7  F

Aminmaj7 F  Dm  C

Aminmaj7 F

C                                                        Bb                 F
I may not seem your ideal when you look into my eyes
   Bb    F             Eb          Bb                         F
I don't smoke, I don't tell jokes, I'm not the custom made size
      C                                                  Bb                  F
But baby let me take you out on the highway for a while
     Bb             F              Eb       Bb                   F
I'll show yow where the man in me is when he doesn't hide

F                                       Dm                                    Bb
Well he's cruising in the fast lane, stuck behind the wheel
  Dm                             C                      Bb                         C Aminmaj7
Jekyll and Hyde going on inside when I'm your automobile

F                       Bb          C
Let me be your car for a while child
Dm                Bb                    F
Shift me into gear and I'll be there
Eb       Bb         F    C     F            Dm
Fill me up with five star gasoline girl
     Eb         Bb        F     C           F 
I'll be your car, I'll take you anywhere

(same chords as above)
Let me be your car, come on and drive me
I'm a speedy little boy down deep inside
I got bucket seats and two speed window cleaners
Just let me be your car, oh come on and ride

(same chords as first v)
I can't dance, I don't dig it, I can't see it at all
You say I'm just a specimen, and baby I can crawl
Well my physique don't look the way the physiques really should
But then again I've got an engine underneath my hood

(same chords as second v)
When I'm cutting up the road with a sports car on my tail
Frankenstein's inside my mind, and the wind's inside my sails