Whenever You're Ready 
(We'll go steady again)

Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin
Available on the Album Rare Masters

intro: C A D7 G C F F#dim G7

Oh I lived in a tenement six floors above

I lent you my records and I lent you my love
            F7                                                              C
But you left me on the weekend without a by-your-leave
That's a dirty and a low-down trick
                                              C         G
My folks all think you're mean

But I don't mind, that's kind of nifty
You always set those break-ups in the movies
And just like a light honey you put me out
Now I'm gonna do my best
To get you back in the nest you came from

              G      C              F      C
You can erase me if you want to
  F                                 C
Turn your back in other men
               G                C         F
But whenever you're ready
G         G7#5      Gsus     C          G
Honey, we'll go steady again

It's nasty without you in my little room
I miss you like crazy, please come back soon
I was joking with those things I said
I couldn't have been thinking
If you don't come back I think I'll crack
Just like my old ceiling