I  Feel Like a Bullet 
(In The Gun Of Robert Ford)

Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin
Available on the Album Rock of the Westies

I Feel Like A Bullet (In The Gun of Robert Ford)
Music By: Elton John
Words By: Taupin
Album: Rock of the Westies 1975

G/B                             C          Bm/D
Like a corn in a field I cut you down
C/E                                   F9
I threw the last punch too hard
         G/B                                     E9
After years of going steady, well I thought that it was time
     Am7                                              D11
To throw in my hand for a new set of cards
G/B                                     Cmaj7         Bm/D
And I can't take you dancing out on the weekend
C/E                                                    F9
I figured we'd painted too much of this town
        G/B                                               E9
And I tried not to look as I walked to my wagon
      Am7                    D11          Cm                       Em7
And I knew then I had lost what should have been found
Am7                   D11                                     D7         G
I knew then I had lost what should have been found

Fm7                  Bb                         Eb       C7
And I feel like a bullet in the gun of Robert Ford
      Db                 Eb
I'm low as a paid assassin is
                     Ab           Cm     Fm
You know I'm cold as a hired sword
                    Ab                          Eb7sus
I'm so ashamed can't we patch it up
                 Ab                                      Db   Fm
You know I can't think straight no more
  Bb7                                                           Eb11                     Db Ab
You make me feel like a bullet honey in the gun of Robert Ford

Like a child when his toy's been stepped on
That's how it all seemed to me
I burst the bubble that both of us lived in
And I'm damned if I'll ever get rid of this guilt that I feel
And if looks could kill then I'd be a dead man
Your friends and mine don't call no more
Hell, I thought it was best but now I feel branded
Breaking up's sometimes like breaking the law
Breaking up's sometimes like breaking the law