Live Like Horses

Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin
Available on the album The Big Picture

Ab/Db    Gb/Db    Ab/Db    Gb/Db

Ab/Db                     Gb/Db
I can't control this flesh and blood
Ab/Db                                    Gb/Db
That's wrapped around my bones
It moves beneath me like a river
            Ebm                Ab
Into the great unknown

Ab/Db                    Gb/Db
I stepped onto the moving stairs
Before I could tie my shoes
Gb/Db                                        Bbm
Pried a harp out the fingers of a renegade
                      Ebm               Absus4
Who lived and died the blues

            Ab                        Bbm
And his promise made was never clear
Gb                              Absus4
It just carved itself in me
Ab                          Bbm
All I saw was frost inside my head
Gb                                    Absus4
On the night he said to me

Ab                   Db          Ab/C
Someday we'll live like horses
         Bbm                               Ab/C 
Free rein from your old iron fences
                                     Gb                               Db/Ab
There's more ways than one to regain your senses
                       Gb/Bb              Ab7/C  Db 
Break out the stalls and we'll live like horses

We're the victims of the heartbreak
That kept us short of breath
Trapped above these bloodless streets
Without a safety net

I stood in line to join the trial
One more customer of fate
Claimed a spoke in the wheel of the wagon train
On the road to the golden gate

On the flat cracked desert I jumped ship
It just made sense to me
I've spent too long in the belly of the beast
And now I shall be free