Recover Your Soul

Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin
Available on the Album The Big Picture

G  D/G  Em  Em/D  C G/B  Am

G                          D/F#                     Em
Baby your missing something in the air
C                       G/B           D
I gotta name but it don't matter
C                        B7                 Em
What's going on, It's cold in here
C                   G/B                          D      
You have a life but it's torn and tattered

Maybe you're losing pieces of your heart
You have a world but it stopped turning
You lose the day and gain the dark
Love was a fire but it stopped burning

                        C                   G/B
Spare your heart save your soul
                          Am                   Em
Don't drag your love across the coals
                 C                      G/B                D
Find your feet and your fortune can be told
         Am       B7        Em7  G/D  C
Release, relax, let go
       D/A G7/B  C       C/D      D   G
And hey now let's recover your soul

Lazy your sunset sinking like a tear
A lonely night in a losing battle
In that perfect world, it never cleared
You have to fight for the things that matter