On Dark Street

Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin
Available on the album The One

Bb    Gm    Bb/F    Eb    Bb Eb  Bb Eb Bb  Cm  F  Ab  A Bb

                                                Gm7       Dm7
I'm staring down a mile of disappearing track
Ebmaj7    Bb                                F   
Is this the best that we could do
                                    Bb         Gm7                    Dm7
I'm leaning through the rain but you ain't looking back
Eb                 Bb           F
What did I ever have to prove

                                     Gm7  Eb                       F   
`Cause it feels like electricity hitting an open field
When am I ever gonna to learn
                Eb                             Cm7          Dsus4  
Married life's two people trying to grab the wheel

D7                                    Bb
Oh and we must have got lost
Dm7        Eb   
Living on Dark Street
Looking for an exit
Sleeping on the concrete
You can't see it with your eyes
Dm7                          Eb
You can't find it with your feet
All I know is that we're lost baby
F                            Ab    Bb
And we're living on Dark Street

All the layoffs and the pay cuts cripple me inside
I pay the price for living everyday
Trying to keep us all together along with a little pride
What'll it take to make you stay

But I've dreamed about an island
And all I got's a bucket of sand
I'd give my eyes to give you all your dreams
Now I get to see my family slipping through my hands