Whitewash County

Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin
Available on the Album The One

G    F    C    G
G    F    C    G
G    F    C    G
G    F    C    G
                      C               G   
Tonight it's hot down here
           C        G                D
I can almost smell the rain
G                               C      G 
And I can almost taste the fear
Behind your name
G                            C   G
Fans turning on the ceiling
        C               G         D
I feel sticky as a chili dog
G                                      C  G
White boys howling in the evening
On that hollow log

Em                            C
Tall tales down the river
Say we aim to bury the truth
            Em                        C
But the right hand just delivered
       G/D        D
The devil in a suit

           C      G/B        Am  G       D        Dsus4  D Dsus4 D
And he talks big in Whitewash County
C      G/B           Am  G     D        Dsus4   D   Dsus4
Talks sweet as sug-  ar cane
     D      Em  D          C    G/B   F
Got a past that's filled with lightning
           C/E   Cm/Eb       G
Got a future filled with rain

Bug buzzing in an empty glass
Fiddle scratching some lazy tune
We're just some place that history passed
New dust, new broom
And it's a high hot buttered moon
He's got a shiny new wax face
Swears the South's gonna rise again soon
All over the place

Rain down on Whitewash County
Smell the air coming up the line
Well you've changed your face so often
But you never change your minD

{go nuts here}