Am7 		   Bm7
       In the quiet, silent seconds I
Am7 	             Bm7
   I turned off the light switch and I
Cmaj7		  Bm7
   I came down to meet you
Dm7 	                  E7
   in the half-light the moon   left while a 
Am7 	      Bm7
   cluster of night jars sang some 
  Am7 	    Bm7
   songs    out of tune.
  Cmaj7   	Bm7
   A mantel of bright light shone
  Dm7            E7
   down from her room
  Fmaj7 	 Em7  		Dm7  	Cmaj7 
   Come down in  time,        I still  hear her say
  Fmaj7          Em7          Dm7      Cmaj7 
   So clear      in my ear,   like it  was today.
  Fmaj7            Ab           Cmaj        Bm7       Am7    Gm7
   Come down in   time was the message        she       gave
  Fmaj7         Ebmaj7        Dm7            F  C/G  D
   Come down in time and I'll meet you half way.
[verse 2]
   Well, I don't know if I should have
   heard her as yet but a
   a true love like ours is a
   a hard love to get and I
   I've walked most all the way and I
   I ain't heard her call and I
   I'm getting to thinking if she's
   coming at all.

  Am7             Bm7
   There are women and women and 
  Am7   Bm7
   some hold you tight while
  Cmaj7           Bm7
   some leave you counting the 
  Em7             Bm7          F  C/G  D
   stars in the night