My Father's Gun

Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin
Available on the album Tumbleweed Connection
Eb    Db    Ab
Eb    Db    Ab
Eb    Db    Ab
Eb    Db    Ab

         Eb                Abmaj7               Gm   Gm7
From this day on I own my father's gun
Cm                         Cm/Bb                   Ab
We dug his shallow grave beneath the sun
Bb                      G7/B          Cm            Cm/Bb   Ab
I laid his broken body down below the southern land
Db                      Cm          Ab                        Bb
It wouldn't do to bury him where any Yankee stands

Eb                                 Ab                            Gm  Gm7
I'll take my horse and I'll ride the northern plain
Cm                                   Cm/Bb                           Ab
To wear the colour of the greys and join the fight again
Bb                G7/B                Cm       Cm/Bb       Ab  
I'll not rest until I know the cause is fought and won
Db                        Cm        Ab                            Eb
From this day on until I die I'll wear my father's gun

G7                                     Cm          /Bb  Ab
I'd like to know where the riverboat sails tonight
G7                            Cm            /Bb   Ab
To New Orleans well that's just fine alright
                       F                                Bb                    G7/B  Cm  Cm/Bb
`Cause there's fighting there and the company needs men
    Ab                        Bb                       Ab/Eb    Bb/Eb  Ab/Eb Eb
So slip us a rope and sail on round the bend

As soon as this is over we'll go home
To plant the seeds of justice in our bones
To watch the children growing and see the women sewing
There'll be laughter when the bells of freedom ring

1970 Dick James Music Limited