Talking Old Soldiers

Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin
Available on the album Tumbleweed Connection

Why hello
Say can I buy you another glass of beer
Well thanks a lot, that's kind of you
It's nice to know you care
Abmaj7            G+            Cm   Cm/Bb
These days there's so much going on
Abmaj7 G+               Cm           Cm/Bb
No one seems to want to know
Abmaj7   G7+         Cm Cm/Bb   F/A
I may be just an old soldier to some
      Abmaj7                    G7+
But I know how it feels to grow old

Yeah that's right
You can see me here most every night
Cm                          G/B
You'll always see me staring at the wall and the lights
Abmaj7      G+          Cm            Cm/Bb
Funny I remember oh its years ago id say
Abmaj7      G7+             Cm            Cm/Bb
I'd stand at the bar with my friends who've passed away
    Abmaj7            G7            Cm    Cm/Bb   F/A
And drink three times the beer that I can drink today
      Abmaj7                    G7+
Yes I know how it feels to grow old

I know what they're saying son
there goes old mad Joe again
Well I maybe mad at that I've seen enough
To make a man go out his brain
Cm                                                        G/B
Well do they know what it's like to have a grave yard as a friend
      Cm7              F
'cause that's where they are boy all of them
Abmaj7                                     G7+
Don't seem likely that ill get friends like that again

Well its time I've moved off
It's been great just listening to you
Cm                                G/B
And I might even see you the next time I'm passing through
Abma77             G7+           Cm    Cm/Bb
You're right there's so much going on
Abmaj7 G7+              Cm             Cm/Bb
No one seems to want to know
Abmaj7        G7+
So keep well, keep well old friend
            Cm   Cm/Bb    F/A
And have another drink on me
Just ignore all the others
G7+                 Cm
You've got your memories
Cm/Bb                    Abmaj7  G7+  Cm
You've got your memories