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I have moved to a new web host for this site.  Please go to www.eltonjohnchords.com and things will start to look a bit more familiar.  Soon I will have a new site here which will have nothing to do with my chord site.  Please update your bookmarks.

March 20, 2002
          I have just finished switching web hosting company's. I went from the free www.tripod.com service to www.site5.com (not free).  The reason is because thanks to all of you, this website exceeds it's monthly bandwidth limit(1GB).  This is very good.  My new web host allows 30GB of bandwidth monthly.  Also I'm sure you were noticing that the ads, which tripod inserted into my website, have become much larger.  I don't like it.  Now you will not have any pop up ads unless I decide to pup something up. 
              For the next little while I will be making a few changes to the structure of this website because not only will I have eltonjohnchords.com but also chordlibrary.com(it will be a while before this can be considered a library).  It will be run the same way as this site but there will be more than one person transcribing the songs.  You will also be able to submit your own transcriptions to songs and they will be "chord-checked" and made available to everybody.

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